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Rondo 3 Covers and magnets

Ricky W

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How much are the Rondo 3 covers and we're can you buy them.

What strength is the magnet that comes with the Rondo 3, mine doesn't seem strong enough.

Would the audiologist have a stronger one available to swap out, looks like there expensive.



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@Ricky W

I believe several extra Rondo 3 covers are included in the kit to start us off.  Then you can contact your Med-El customer service representative to see if your insurance covers them.  If you self pay, you can order through the Med-El US Webshop.

Audiologists are best to help guide us with magnet strengths to avoid any problems.

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Hi Ricky.
Regarding the magnet....
When I first had my Rondo3 placed, the audiologist placed an oval shaped white donut shaped cushion on the device, so that there was about 1/16th of an inch between the device and my head.

I had magnet issues as well.
After I removed the white cushion, so that the device was now directly in contact with my head, the magnet issue was resolved.

Any chance you are using the white cushion?


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@Ricky W I have tried three of the different magnet strengths. I started with a 3 and that processor broke from falling off, so they gave me a 5. That one was too strong and hurt the side of my head. I have one processor with a 4-diamond magnet and one with a 3. I have the Gripwear and a hair clip on the processor with the three and it seems okay. I haven't worn the 4 all day yet, but I think it will work fine for me and I will ask for a 4-diamond magnet for my main processor. (I have 2 Rondo3 processors for my left ear. Waiting to do the right one now. 

They have multiple strengths to choose from. If it is too strong it gets painful after a few hours. Having your weaker magnet and the magnet removal tool handy would be a good idea.


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