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Speech is too quiet but other sounds are loud?

Robbin J

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I have SSD, and just got implanted in my deaf ear in December, and activated in January, so I'm a new user. Despite having long standing deafness, I'm hearing speech pretty well already, but it sounds like it is far away and hard to hear. My joke is that it's like having a seance, and communicating with someone from beyond the grave, lol. But anyway, I have to be in a quiet room and focus intently on it, but then I am able to hear speech streamed directly to my processor (like with word success, or audiobooks). But at the same time, certain environmental sounds are incredibly loud (potato chip bags, for instance, are just LOUD). It feels like similar to when you're watching a movie and you have to turn up the volume to hear the dialog, but then the next scene is an explosion and it's insanely loud. What is going on? Is it the mapping? Is there something in particular that I can tell my audiologist the next time I see him? I really wish I could hear speech better, because my word recognition is going really well, but I just struggle to hear it loud enough. 

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@Robbin J

Tell your audiologist everything.  Smile!

For me, my right ear had not processed any sound for 24 years before being implanted but had heard to varying degrees before then.  It took awhile for my brain to be able to filter out noise like when unloading the dishwasher.

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I'm about a month behind you @Robbin J and I find the same thing.  Voices seem too feint, but the sound of my feet on the gravel driveway (and in fact anything down at floor level) seems unnecessarily loud.  Anything that crackles (scrunching up paper, crisp packets as you have pointed out) has a very sharp intensity about them.

All part of the learning process I guess!

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Mike, thank you for your reply. I guess I'm glad to know that others have the same experience. Hopefully it will improve for us as we go along 

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Good morning!!!

Ah, potato chip bags and even shopping bags being loud! It trained me on having my remote in my pocket so i could decrease volume!!! First time flushing i thought a sunami was coming!!

Lots of these sounds will be shushed as your brain adapts to the sounds it hasnt heard in awhile, plus mappings and AI settings will decrease those for you as added to maps.

If uncomfortable, turn volume down a bit, but you will find that the longer the ci is worn, you will want more volume. Like a brand new car, you might not want to speed around town til you are used to it and controls.

Welcome to bionic hearing!


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