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I only use Rondos in waterwear and do this…


eargear covers with tether & clip


With Sonnets in waterwear I would definitely recommend some kind of comfortable cap.

This week I used my nammucap (which is so comfortable with my Rondos) while wearing my Sonnets and the slight pressure against my ear and the Sonnet was not very comfortable.

Maybe Sonnet in waterwear users will have recommendations.

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Finally bought a nammu cap for myself. I’ve been looking for a gym with a pool and finally seem to have found the perfect one for what I’m wanting. 

I ordered directly from Nammu so hoping it arrives quickly. And hoping I got the right size too. I felt the XL would be too large but I’ll have to wait and see. 

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Hello all, I hope everyone is well.

im looking at ordering some BTE Waterwear but have no idea if it works and can’t find any comments on it. Has anyone actually used the BTE Waterwear?

As far as holding it onto your head, I would think that water goggles might help.

Thank you for any help?

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Make sure you have a program using omni mic setting on your Sonnet/Sonnet2 because that is what Med-El recommends in waterwear.  It may help reduce the sound of the waterwear cover against the mics too.

I use Rondo in waterwear but others here may be able to respond.

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