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@Tim visit to Innsbruck


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@Tim. I received a message from you via email that you had posted about your upcoming visit to Innsbruck. Weirdly I cannot find it on the forum. While I would not expect Med-El to be very forthcoming about upcoming releases/improvements, I would be very interested to learn your judgement about whether you think they are aware of the shortcomings of Audiolink and Audio2Ear and if you are left with impression that they feel the need to improve them drastically and quickly. This area, for me is a glaring the major weakness in their offering. Frankly, had I known how bad it was I would probably have gone with Cochlear instead of Med_El. 

If you could also get a feel for whether they view the telecoil ticking problem a major issue and if they realise that the method of activating flight mode is complicated at best.

Enjoy your trip. Innsbruck and environs have a lot to recommend.


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I think the email was in the February Google Meet group email which was deleted a few days after the Google Meet. 

As to the tour, I'm not sure whether I will get more than just a factory tour.  

By the way, I saw a Cochlear N8 user discussing his Apple Watch controlling his CI:



Yes. It’s a decent complication

Can only do the basics though

Volume, program, forward focus toggle, audio sources battery status


The Watch "complication" (aka app) Seems to essentially do everything that our phone app does other than MyStats and Microphone sensitivity.

Unless I'm mistaken, we can't control the forward focus at all other than by selecting programs with it and they can control it directly through a watch.  (Please correct me if I'm wrong - I'm still learning as I'm only 1 month post-activation.)

I knew that Med-El was lagging on connectivity issues when I did device selection in December. 

I hope that they can make a firmware update to improve BT on the Rondo 3.  It seems odd that it can communicate with the phone through the bluetooth for very limited purposes.

I really do hope that they have some updates coming.  They seem to do incremental updates.  For example, the Sonnet 2 Max battery that is two steps forward and one step back since it has no audiostream capability.  The Sonnet 2 batteries were upgraded to v 2.0 but I don't remember seeing any discussion of what that really provides. 

You've got a lot more experience - would you be able to draft a list of issues or talking points?  Feel free to message me if you feel it might be better that way.


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