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FM Battery Pack


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I recently placed a big order through MED-EL US, among which is included FM Battery packs for my Sonnet 2s and both bilateral options (EXT and MIX). Can’t wait til I can try that with my iPad as I had technical difficulties getting set up with AudioStream. I did shut off Bluetooth on my phone and Apple Watch prior to starting and my phone still sprang back on and was interfering with the connection. 

I couldn’t find much in the way of documentation on the FM battery cover or MIX/EXT cables so curious to hear from other users. Would the FM work for video calls/phone calls or is it audio only (music, audiobooks, etc). 

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The bilateral direct input cables plug into that FM battery pack cover via the three holes and euro plug.  The red cable gives you a 90/10 mix ratio and the yellow cable gives you a 50/50 mix ratio. The other end of the cable is a 3.5 plug for a headphone jack.  In that way, it works like any plugged in headphone- all audio is transmitted.

With an iPad, depending on any cover you may be using, you may need an extender so that the DAI cable can plug in securely.  

Great audio quality with the DAI cables.

They are however very stiff and a bit heavy compared to other cables.  When I turn my head the cable pulls the Sonnet off my ear.


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