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Abo Noor

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Hi All

I have the kids 5 years old she has ever ,she lost her hearing at 6  month(95 DB) and she is using hearing aids since 3 years need your helps if she needs the Cochlea implant or not and wich brand is better than other 

is the internal part need special care from hit ,bathing....

many thanks for all

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Welcome to hearpeers Abo,

your daughter will need to be evaluated by a medical team and CI audiologist to see if she qualifies as a viable candidate for a CI. There is a clinic finder on the Medel website that will be able to help you find a clinic close to where you live. Good luck and let us know if you get in touch with anybody. 

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Hi Abo,

I agree with Adam, that only CI specialists can evaluate if your daughter is qualified for implantation. During that process you should get the basic information about Ci brands available in your region. We will be glad to answer your specific questions about Med El implants if it is on your preference list.


regarding an internal part care - yes, it is better not to expose it to any external force even despite that it is designed to withstand some impacts - better be safe than sorry. After the surgery site is healed, there is no any limitation to bathing or swimming exept one - the external processor with coil should not be wet. Your daughter will be need to take a bath without processor on her ear or she should use a waterproof pouch for protection. For instance, below is a picture of  "WaterWear" used with the Sonnet processor manufactured by MED-EL Actually, there are different modifications of processors and waterprotection for them. Good luck to you in finding the best solution for your daughter.


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