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When I first told my hair dresser of the impending implant, she had never heard of such, so I told her as much as I knew at the time. She told another of her clients who is contemplating CIs. Several members at church have been quite interested in what I've had done. Some have asked if I had become a bit self conscious about the surgery and of course my answer is a firm NO. I wear glasses and I have no problem with these. More and more people are using hearing help of some kind anymore and that includes young people and children. No one, that I have heard, has made any uncalled for remarks about my implants and if they did, I would do my best to ignore it, or if they needed help in understanding, I'd be more than happy to give a brief overview to help them better understand what CIs are all about and how we, who use them, benefit so greatly. My grandchildren, when they were quite small, would call my BTEs my 'magic ears' and would always look to see if I had them on, which I did.


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I take the same stance. I actually get asked all the time about them so I look at it as an opportunity to educate somebody.

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