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Phone Headsets for NEC land line with RJ9 plug

Jamie Blackman

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Looking for phone headset for an NEC landline phone with an RJ9 plug. I work as an RN and at times triage patients via phone. I have been experiencing some problems understanding callers. Any recommendations of sets or whom to talk to would be great. I have spoken with Med-El audiologist 1:1, but I  was directed here.


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I like the way around the ear headphones sound with my Sonnet 1.  I saw this and am wondering if you could set up your work phone to work with an around the ear headphone ?


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Do you use a headset with your phone.

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@Jamie Blackman

As you know different  phones offer different degrees of clarity and different ways we can connect to them.  Work landline phones are the toughest because oftentimes we have no control over the phone type used.

I have bilateral Sonnets.  I also help children, teens and adults with connectivity options on a volunteer basis.  I am a retired Teacher of the Deaf so tech was a huge part of my career.

The hardest obstacle for me when trying to help someone hear better on a landline work phone is coming up with a solution that also allows the other person to hear our voice during the call.

I have experienced many ways of connecting to landlines and each situation is different.  At work I had to be able to hear on various work phones in various schools.  I decided to figure out a way to hear directly with my processor and not use tech.  But I use tech a lot at home for true hands free phone calls.

If the landline phone has BT, then it tends to be easier as BOSE QC35 around the ear noise canceling headphone works great.  This can also be an option if there is a 3.5 headphone jack but depending on the phone you may still have to speak into the receiver.

Artone BT neckloop is great as truly handsfree as long as the phone has BT.

Sonnet DAI cables are an option as long as there is a headphone jack.  With this option you definitely need to speak into the phone.

Many people connect a BT transmitter to the phone via cable and then use BT headphones or the BT Artone to connect.

Some people prefer to plug in a Roger transmitter and use a Roger receiver on their Sonnets.


So many possible options and so many obstacles as every phone system is unique and user preferences for tech varies greatly.


If you are able to take time at work one day and experiment, you can use the telephone with confidence phone number to access a recorded message to compare.

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