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Douglas Jones

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What do rehab consist of plus i just read a post about a 67 year old guitarist cannot reconize certain pitch for a while after implant now that really make me nervous

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Check out our aural rehab topic.  There is a lot of great info there.

Everyone's experience with musical pitch is different.  For me, it took time but it is soooo much better now and still improving.

Maybe download the Musical Contour App and see how you do with semitones now .

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  • HearPeers Heroes

Douglas, that is a great post that Mary Beth referenced. It is good to read other people's experiences but try to remember that we are all different and have slightly different paths in our rehab. 

I love listening to music. For me, the phone and music took the longest to come back. Honestly there were times where I was very frustrated and thought I'd never be able to hear music again. 

After a lot of hard work listening and practicing, I finally started making big progress. You seem to have the right mindset and drive to make it work. Try not to get to freaked out reading other people's stories. Use those stories as motivation. I am coming up on 6 years being implanted. Music has never sounded better. The first year you should see some big improvement but it might not be a steady progression. If you hit a plateaue that's ok. You'll start gaining again. 

Getting a CI will definitely help you develop your patience. That said, I would be willing to be that not one person would change their journey for anything.

keep us updated. 

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