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Programming cochlear implants- both an art and a science

Mary Beth

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For years as teachers of the deaf we would often comment on specific CI audiologists who just had superior skill in creating MAPs for our students.  We discussed how programming cochlear implants is both an art and a science.

Now that I have been a CI user for 8 years and have gotten to hear stories from so many CI users I believe it even more so.

Creating a MAP that works fabulously for a CI user takes art and science and also collaboration.

The benefits of working with a CI audiologist who truly listens to our comments and works with us to create a MAP are profound.

If we are fortunate to find such an audiologist, we know we are part of a team working to help us hear our very best.

I am one of the lucky CI users.  My audiologist is amazing.  I hope you are lucky as well.

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You are right, I agree it's an art and a science,,, I'm also so lucky to have a genius Audiologist, Dr. Haya   

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I need a new audi. 😩 I feel rushed, often my complaints ignored, and communicated to as if I should know what she is taking about..especially, when I upgraded from Opus 2 to Rondo 3. I complained that I didn't hear as well with Rondo. I did not feel validated but instead felt as if I were being told to "work through it. "

I am still struggling.  My Opus 2 are obsolete and hanging on for dear life but they are like comfy house slippers:) 

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