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t coil

Anne N

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I am attending a meeting next week and I understand the room is looped for a tcoil. I did receive one in my kit but have not used it. Does my audiologist have to do anything to my mapping to make the tcoil work or can I just follow the video instructions on connecting it to the ci? Has anyone used one and find it beneficial. Will it also work on my hearing aid as it does have a program for a tcoil?

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@Anne N

Yes if your hearing aid has a telecoil and your audiologist has the hearing aid telecoil turned on, it will work.  You just need to go to your MT (telecoil & hearing aid microphone) setting or to T (telecoil setting only).

For your Rondo 3, you can follow Med-El’s video and attach the telecoil adapter to your Rondo 3.  When you do that you will automatically be in the Rondo 3 MT (telecoil & Rondo 3 microphone) setting.  Your CI audiologist does not need to do anything for this to work.  If you want to have a T (telecoil setting only) then your CI audiologist needs to set that up for you.  I suggest to test the telecoil adapter out at home first.  Some people hear a ticking sound.  If you hear a ticking sound, Med-El recommends putting the Rondo 3 into flight mode when using the telecoil adapter.  

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