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Sound quality distortion in both Sonnet units

Juan P

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Both the backup and the main Sonnet 2 device units' audio quality has deteriorated, causing phone calls to sound muffled and a bit distorted, including my own voice. This is a new issue, and, strangely, both units are affected, considering I rarely use the backup unit.

I already changed the microphone covers and the Dl cable and cover. Is there anything else I could do?  By the way, I already cleaned and do consistently used the Med-El electric dryer.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading this message, Juan

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@Juan P

Typically when we experience sound quality issues with more than one processor it may mean we need an adjustment to our MAP.

If your issue is solely when making phone calls, possibly try a different phone (a friend’s phone) perhaps?

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Thanks again for your help!  No, is beyond phone calls. it happens when I hear others and even perception of own my voice.  It never happened before. I suspect you might be right about adjusting the Map. I will see the audiologist in two weeks. However, I was wondering if there was a hardware issue that I can check myself.

Thanks, JP

P.S. I found over-the-ear headphones that seem to fit even when I was wearing the audio stream cover.  They couldn't provide the inner size cup measurements so I am not sure how big they are. Anyhow, The name of the model is " HIFIMAN Ananda" ( made in China). They fit but I did not buy them as they were 699 $ no Idea how reliable they are and this model only comes with cables. They are meant to be used when listening to music at Home ( no movement- I guess).  The NYC store  (Audio 46 at 29 West 46th Street-212-354-6424) offered to show me more but I decline as they were very pricey, some are thousands of dollars. Needless to say, I did not buy them.  They are available on Amazon for 549.


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Hi juan,

Many many folks love headphones, i do not. I have ci, sonnet2eas, and i can stream loud enough, smile.

I find it interesting that both of your processors are giving you issues! Since the only thing they share is beneath the skin, i would reccomend a test. Perhaps by a surgeon rather than audi, perhaps if you can request a medel rep be with audi for next test? Would that be possible?

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Thanks for your reply, Diana. I am one of those who can hear music and phone calls much better wearing over-ear headphones. It is the only device that improves my ability to hear music and calls better.
Anyhow, Not sure about the test. I saw my ENT about 4 weeks ago and the distortion was not as bad. I had an AUDITORY FUNCTION TEST at that time-just before the ENT. Back then, the ENt concluded that I probably needed a hearing aid in my right ear. The Audi appointment was made for a hearing aid at the ENT's request.   The distortion became a bit more pronounced since I saw the ENT and was tested. I actually managed to change the AUDI appointment and it will be about discussing the issues I am having-not a hearing aid.   I posted this message because I was hoping that my issue was about some hardware needing replacement or an upgrade. So far, it seems that this is something else.  I will make sure you have my AUDI to explore all the possibilities. 

Once again, thanks for your suggestions and support.

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