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my 14 yr old step son received his 2nd implant about a year ago. at that time we were told it would be bluetooth capable. we've since been told that the fda has not approved it for bluetooth. Also that when they do he will have to wear a neck loop to use the bluetooth feature. when we were in the office looking at the device before surgery the audiologist showed us her hearing aid and said it would work like hers. just pair it and the phone, tv, ipod ect would be bluetooth without any neck loop. can someone tell me does he have to wear the neck loop to use the bluetooth? and is it not available yet to be use because the fda hasn't approved it yet? please help. thank you

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There is a lot of misinformation out there about CIs and BlueTooth.  I will tell you what I know and hope it helps.

Actual BlueTooth technology demands too much power to work in CIs. So CI companies use a different form of 2.4 wireless connectivity and it works like this.  BlueTooth from sound source to intermediary device and then special 2.4 wireless from intermediary device to CI processor.  Med-El has made the Sonnet 2.4 wireless ready for a future technology they are developing, which is the intermediary device called the AudioLink.  Med-El has not released the AudioLink anywhere yet so the FDA has nothing to do with this wait.  Med-El has advertised the AudioLink in Europe and some users there have received vouchers for it when it becomes available.  You can find images of it online by searching.


In the meantime, we can use wireless technology with our Sonnets in the following ways.

-BlueTooth over the ear noise canceling headphones (like BOSE Quiet Comfort) work great.  Just stay on M setting.

-BlueTooth neckloops (like Artone 3 MAX or Quattro4).  The Artone 3 MAX is so tiny and light, you can wear it under a shirt easily. Must switch to MT or T.  


I hope this helps.


Your child  is using a Med-El processor, correct?  Because I feel your child is using a different brand, the info I just gave you is not correct.  

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