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Music rehab tips

Mary Beth

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Okay time to share your music rehab tips!


@Cara Mia

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Listen listen listen and enjoy whichever part of music is available to you at the moment.  Rhythm, percussion, lyrics, brass, etc.

Music improves with exposure and time.

You Tube songs with lyrics

Sound Hound app will highlight lyrics that are playing on the radio, etc

Auralia Pitch Comparison app by Rising Software (less than $2)

Melodic Contour Identification app by Qianjie Fu (free)- in settings, choose a base note, then select 6 semitones and deselect the other semitones (6 semitones is the easiest).  Take the test.  Difficult?  Keep the same settings and choose training repeat two times if incorrect option.  Easy? Select 5 semitones and deselect 6 semitones.  Follow this sequence heading to smaller and smaller semitone differences.

Play scales on a keyboard to hear the different pitches as you go up and then down the keyboard


Listen to music different ways:

DAI cable

Over the ear noise canceling headphones

BlueTooth neckloop

Through the air in a quiet room

In a car- radio with windows up and AC off

In a car- radio with AC fan on

Live music 


enjoy!  Celebrate every small victory.


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Mary Beth, absolutely agree with your approach. Will organize my thoughts and post something about this, too. Hope, more people will share their practical tips on music rehab as there are many ways to reach the  same destination.

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And of course I forgot the most exciting tip!


Return to playing an instrument!  I am loving my weekly piano lessons!  So much fun.

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