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Med-el or Oticon ??


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Hi guys, 

I've been reading your posts for a while now. I have a question i would like to ask and i'd be really pleased if you could give me some insider info.

We have an 11 month old baby girl who has bilateral sensorineural hearing loss since birth. We are having CI surgery in 3 weeks. We are between Med-el and Oticon for our baby. Each of them has slight advantages but nothing really jumps out.

I don't know if the site is sponsored by Med-el but i don't think i saw any thorough discussion about another implant company. So i would like to know if there are any Oticon CI users out there and are they happy with Neuro 1? I also would really love some comparison between these two.

Thanks in advance..

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Hi Gray,

I wish the best for your little daughter.  She will be starting on an amazing journey.  I have bilateral Med-El CIs and they have changed my life.  I love them!  Music is awesome and I have returned to playing the piano after decades of no piano playing.  Just amazing.


This is a Med-El board so you will find primarily Med-El users here.


Maybe if you search for an Oticon board you can get some first hand reports from Oticon users.


It is really difficult to compare CI brands as users since almost all of us have stayed with one brand for both ears.  Once in awhile I read about someone who has two different CI brands at the same time or someone who was explanted with one brand and reimplanted with a different brand due to complications.  Since most of us here are Med-El CI users, we will not have much first hand knowledge of the other brands.


I am in the US and Oticon is not FDA approved for use here so unfortunately I have not met anyone with Oticon CIs.


Wishing you and your family the best.  It is amazing.

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Dear Mary Beth,

Thank you for your response, it really means a lot.

Our baby is using Oticon hearing aids for six months now and we've really seen great results. The trust that we have to Oticon's sound processor is a big reason why we consider Oticon next to Med-El. We also have very good relations with Oticon guys and even tough the logical man inside me says this is not a defining criteria, i know we'll have great support.

On the other hand CI is a different bussines and Med-El has far greater experience and a lot more users so you know exactly what you get. We've met kids who have Med-El CI's since 1 year old and they are completely indifferent from their peers. Also i hope that Med-El makes a new version of Rondo in years to come and we'll have the opportunity to switch to an all-in one sound processor.

At this point i know a lot but just thinking everything over and over again.

Anyway, i'll keep you guys updated about what i think and what we do so anyone in my position could read and maybe find something useful.

In the meantime i'm wishing you the best and thank you again..

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It is a difficult decision choosing the CI brand.  I remember that feeling very well.  I know you will make the right choice for your daughter.  No matter which brand you choose, your daughter is about to begin an incredible journey.

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