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CI Candidate Hawaii (O'ahu)

Steven HW 96706

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Aloha Everyone!  

I have been wearing hearing aids since 1995 (wow 28 yrs)...  My (L) ear is my worst but I wear hearing aids in both.  I have a second appointment with the CI Surgeon May 10th.  I'm instructed that she will determine at that time if I am a for sure a candidate.  I have been to the audiologist twice for testing.  The initial test I was told I was a candidate based on my audiogram (attached).  My second visit I seemed to do better.  Go-figure!  

I am still in the process of testing but have looked at the different brands, Cochlear Americas, Med-El and Advanced Bionics.  I think I have ruled out AB because they don't offer the off the ear processor.  Wearing hearing aids for this long, I want to have the off the ear option.  I understand this is a Med-El forum so if I'm not allowed to discuss brand selection I won't.  Living on an Island, I want the easiest way to keep my devices dry and it seems the Med-El has a simple sleeve vs Cochlear Americas (CA) having a case like housing.  

I'm also concerned with the depth of the implant in the cochlea.  I want to experience the best hearing I can, and understand the deeper the implant the better the quality of sounds.  I hope that makes sense.  Does anyone have both implants and can tell me which they prefer?  If I am a candidate, I plan to do my bad ear (L) first and then my (R) ear next.


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@Steven HW 96706

I LOVE Rondos in waterwear covers!  Excellent sound quality and comfort. The user reports from people who have brands that use harder water cases is that everything sounds muffled- which makes sense.  I am thankful that Med-El has a waterwear option that sounds so good.  In fact I do not even change my volume.


Here is a pic of me in Hawaii and snorkeling with my Rondos in waterwear.

Wishing you the best!



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