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How long before sounds that are understandable?

Ken T

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I had my surgery April 19, and was activated May 23. I hear noise and a constant hum, but can't understand any speech. When will it all kick in. I know everyone is different.


Ken T

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Hi Ken,


First things first....let's make sure the constant hum is not from being in MT setting instead of M.  Will you check that with your Fine Tuner?  Just hold your Fine Tuner close to your processor and press the M button.  You should hear a beep.


If you are in M, this may just be the way your journey is going to begin.  My right started with static and beeps.  My left started with marimba and whale song.


Download AB CLIX and see if you can do level 1.  Understanding speech is not required for level 1.


Hang in there.  You were activated on May 23.  How many MAPping appointments have you had since then?  A lot changes in the first months.

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