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BOSE QC35 BlueTooth over the ear headphones with Sonnets/Opus2

Mary Beth

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BOSE QC35 noise canceling over the ear BlueTooth headphones fanclub!

Oh my! Oh my!

I LOVE my BOSE QC 2 (yes two) headphones and never thought there could be this much improvement with the QC35 headphones!  Until today.  Smile.

Music is beyond awesome.  Superb bass when using an omni Sonnet mic setting.  Wow!  True stereo. Wow! Wow!

Audiobooks, podcasts.....super in either omni mic setting or adaptive always directional.  (Those are the two mic settings I have.)

Phone calls.....where to even begin?......soooooooo easy to hear and understand even when making the call in a very noisy place.  Hearing from both sides is fabulous.

Battery life is 20 hours.  Twenty hours! 

Add me to the BOSE QC35 fanclub.  I should've never waited so long.  I think my Artone neckloop is going to get dusty.  Smile.

With the BOSE connect app, after updating the firmware, you can share music/video sound/etc through music share to another person with a compatible BOSE headphone so two people can listen to the same audio.  That will be helpful when flying.

WOW, just WOW.

They are expensive, but I am glad I bought them.



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I also bought a pair of these over the weekend for my wife who is going to Toronto next month. I wanted to give something to her to reduce the pain of coping with the long flight. She has a normal hearing though. I only can tell that they look of super b qualty and my wife loved them straightaway. I can't say about the sound as my hearing aids start to whistle. I will have to wait until I have the surgery.

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