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opus 2 please help me 

not sound come here child not response here any sound but lip see after specking here child my 

i am check all 

1 check dcoil cabel is ok 

2 check dcoil ok 

3 check battery ok

4 cheeck dcoil check proser lights come red 

please what prob here please tell me 

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Hi Vaghubha,

Thanks for reaching out to the HearPeers community again. As mentioned before, if you are ever having any issues with your device I recommend getting in contact as soon as possible with your local MED-EL Representative. They will be able to help organize hands-on assistance for you. Let me know if you need their contact details again and I'll send them through. You can also check out our processor trouble-shooting guide which may help in finding out the reason for the red light: http://www.medel.com/troubleshooting/ Select the pop-up box for the first box option "Processor malfunction".

Hope that helps! 


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hi good morning 

here anser me 

Processor Malfunction

Does the red indicator light flash when the processor is turned on yes 

Count the number of flashes.


There should be no more than four flashes - with no pauses or repetition. Does this occur yes 


Using your speech processor test device (SPTD), place the coil underneath.

Does a red light flicker consistently when you speak? yes 

Perspiration, dirt or cracks can cause intermittent problems.


Check the earhook and processor, clean if necessary and try the SPTD again.

Does a red light flicker consistently when you speak? yes 

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Hi Vaghubha

Thanks again for your comment! It seems like you have done all the necessary steps and are still experiencing problems, so we would really recommend speaking to your local MED-EL representative. I've sent you a private message with their details, so that they can assist in the best way.



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good morning 

thanks for help me 

my prob is solve here 

my opus 2 processor  microphone is damge here 

or my opus 2 3 years wanty here 

new come here enjoy my kidz 

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