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Favourite way to decorate your processors

Hilary Beaumont Brown

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Just curious on what other people do to decorate their processors.

I used to LOVE Skin Its and used them a few times but they've removed Med El from their list of devices. 😢 I emailed them to ask and they no longer carry them and they said (as of Feb of last year) that they can't say if they will carry them again just to keep checking the website.

I know there is DeinDesign in Germany but I reached out last November to inquire about shipping to Canada and haven't heard back other than an autogenerated message saying they will respond to inquiries in chronological order... Just sent another but not sure if I'm fine to go ahead and order or not. Also curious about the cut out options as it comes with a cover for the old remote I no longer have and I hope to be using the MAX covers primarily so the standard would be a fair bit short...

I know some use Etsy. I'll be ordering some of those soon. If you have had a great experience with a particular seller I'd love to hear it!

Any other options I've missed for skins/stickers?

I do use embroidery floss to cover my cables which have been a huge help in protecting my cables/giving some extra oomph. (attached one of the few images I could find of the skins and embroidery floss I had on mine- I'd had an issue with a part which is why I photographed without the cover on)


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  • HearPeers Heroes

I have had great skins from

Jess at DEAFinitely Bold on Etsy and she will create a custom skin from your photo too if you want

JAA creations on Etsy 

And the website



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  • HearPeers Heroes

The bottom center skin is from a personal photo.  The others were standard skins available from the above 3 vendors but their inventory changes from time to time.

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I order from JaaCreations on Etsy. Decent amount of Sonnet skins and inexpensive shipping.

Unfortunately, Deafinitely Bold has very expensive shipping to Europe.

DazzlingDeaf has nice holo and glitter skins. I have some glitter ones still remaining in my stash. But the shipping also went up a lot since I shopped there. Maybe it isn't too bad to Canada still.

I posted some of my decorations in this topic:


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