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Heather W

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Greetings everyone!

I’m looking for some advice/tips for an upcoming trip. I’m heading to AZ and NV in July with some friends. I’ve not traveled much over the past 8 years or so due to some caretaking responsibilities and during that time my hearing loss plummeted. Now, I have one CI (implanted last summer) and one hearing aid. I can’t hear much without my devices. I’ve started to travel again this year, and so I’m trying to figure out how to do the things I used to do before my hearing loss, just now with these devices!

My trip itinerary includes lots of outdoor hikes and tours (Sedona, Antelope Canyon, Grand Canyon). We are staying in a mixture of hotels and glamping sites, a different one each night (i.e. suitcases in car trunk). I’m going to use disposable batteries with my Sonnet2 for the trip.  My HA is rechargeable with no options to use disposable batteries. Here are my questions:

1. I was thinking of just bringing my Sonnet2 since it fits better under a baseball cap. I’m worried about where to maintain other CI (Rondo3) since we will be so mobile. I would love to bring both, since I typically wear them 50-50 depending on the situation, but don’t want to risk it getting damaged. Ideas?

2. Has anyone used UBS charging via battery pack for HA and CI dryer? We will be glamping one night and will need to use this charging modality. 

3. How much moisture can Sonnet2 and Rondo3 really handle (thinking about damp hair from sweating and post shower at glamping site)? How about the heat? It gets hot in NC, but not as hot as the desert! Am I overthinking?

4. I’ve recently gotten 2 CI products, a headband for Rondo (my Audi gave me this from Cochlear) and a baseball hat made for CI wearers with the BTE processor on the outside of the hat. I can’t seem to make either of them work! It’s very difficult to get the Rondo and the Sonnet to find and stay connected to my magnet site with the headband and hat. Has anyone used these types of products with success?

Any advice from those more experienced would be greatly appreciated! Not only am I enjoying the ability to travel again, I’m getting all sorts of hearing practice!!

Heather W in NC

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Hi Heather,

Sonnet 2 is very susceptible to sweat and moisture. It is impossible for you to take walks where sweating is inevitable. If you don't want to experience any disappointment during your trip, I highly recommend getting a protector. For example, you can get an "Ear Gear" sleeve to protect your sonnet 2.  It provides 100% protection from sweat and moisture and gives you peace of mind.

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@Heather W

There are non-electric dry containers that are great for when you can not plug the dry kit into power.  I purchased mine on Amazon. (Dry Caddy)

I always travel with a back up processor and replacement supplies.  Placing them in a waterproof case may be helpful on your trip.  Some kind of protective case placed in a dry bag and kept in a safe- not hot place or with you.

Have a great trip!

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So I’m reading that eargear over a Sonnet while using disposable batteries won’t work since the battery air holes are covered. I typically wear my Rondo when being active/sweaty and have not had a problem so far but I’m trying to limit what I’m bringing since we will be so mobile. Will just using a dry caddy be ok for 5 days? 

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I don't think the batteries will have a problem with the air vents. Because the sleeve has both air and sound permeability. If you choose the appropriate model (eargear cochlear MI) for the sonnet, I don't think you will have any problems.

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