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Please tell me your CI surgery day experience:)


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I received the approval letter from the insurance company today for my CI surgery (YAY!)

Surgery is set for June 28th, and I go this Wednesday for pre-op and CT scan.  I will be having surgery at a hospital located 3 hours from home. I’m a little worried about the ride back.

How did you current CI recipients do with the initial surgery?  Do you recommend getting a room for that night? Anything I should know for pre-op? Please tell me your experience! I know everyone is different, but this a whole new ball game for me :).

Thank you!

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@ERW Congratulations on the insurance approval. 

My surgery included an early check-in, around 6 AM and I was on the way home about noon.  I wouldn't have been too eager to spend 3 hours on the road after surgery and even less so, leaving home 3 hours earlier.  Result was I probably would do the night before and the night after surgery in a nice hotel room.

A couple of off the cuff thoughts

  • Having a companion to help is important (was required for discharge to have a driver due to being on pain meds)
  • For the hotel, you will probably be sleeping a lot more than your companion, so having enough space for them to stay up while you sleep is good.
  • Try to see if the hotel room has a comfortable chair (you might prefer that for sleeping in vs. the bed for a couple of days).  Come to think of it, a really comfy car seat might not be so bad for the drive back.
  • Stock a refrigerator in the room with food/drink for after surgery.



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