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Hi Everyone,

My name is Mary ,

I live in Uk and was implanted (unilateral) with Opus 2 about 5-6 years ago.

It has changed my life! So i have just been toddling  along ! enjoying what i can, (phone and music are not great ) but now i want an adventure! 

I have booked a trip on a "tall ship" at christmas, and now i am in a panic.

I am 65yrs never been sailing before, and dont know how to protect my CI. That is the main reason for my post, 

Do I take it off and go without while on deck? 

I have ordered some waterproof covers from Med-el and special batteries, the head band seems to be for a different processor.

Can anyone offer me some practical help and advice please.

thanks MaryT


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  • HearPeers Heroes

Hi Mary! Nice to meet you!! I have a Sonnet and I use the headband for it sometimes. Plus waterwear. It really depends on how wet you will get. A headband and rain coat may be all you need unless you plan to go overboard!! Lol. Make sure you have a drying kit with you. If no electricity you can get one that doesn't need any. Med El makes one that uses drying pucks. I have that fir camping. @Mary Beth may have more tips for you. She enjoys the ocean! 

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