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Post CT for otoplan program-follow up

Carol D

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Hello all,

I started a discussion when I had the CT for otoplan adjustments back in January. It took awhile to get it all done, sent to Medel, and for them to get the result to my audio.  She made the recommended adjustments to the mapping. I noticed an immediate change to a much lower pitch, especially my own voice. Everyone sounded like they were in a TRON movie. 

I tried for a couple weeks, and then switched back to the old program.  Today I put it back to the new mapping to give it another try. My husband thinks my hearing is 20 times worse than ever.  I have CI on one side, HA on the other. Use different audio for each device. My hearing aid Dr. does not know anything about CI.

So, my questions are as follows

Should I keep trying the new mapping until I see Dr. for next appt? Does it take a really long time to adapt to changes?

Should I find a hearing professional who can attempt to adjust the hearing aid to better complement the CI? 

Thank you in advance for your insights! 

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@Carol D

The frequency shift of the anatomy based fitting MAP will take time to get used to and if you choose to go that route, I would suggest staying in it and training it like it is a newly activated side.

@Roy has experience with frequency shifting of electrodes so maybe he will jump in and let you know how long it took for him to adjust.

Whichever MAP you choose to stick with, it will be helpful to put the CI ear through aural rehab activities.  Check out our section on rehab for members’ tips.

A few people are fortunate to work with CI audiologists who also will make changes to their HA.  Most of us seem to not have that benefit.  The CI audiologist will make an adjustment to the Sonnet 2 or Rondo 3 to match the timing of the HA but that is actually a CI setting adjustment and not any change to the HA settings.

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Thank you! I was not told to train like it was a new implant.  Just to give it time.. I will try some of my apps and see if that helps. 

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@Carol D- I had my CIs remapped by the UNC research team a bit more than 2 years ago. This had the effect of pushing more low frequencies to the apical electrodes, which made male voices sound unnaturally deep. Female voices remained mostly the same for me.

I stuck to the new mapping and it resolved itself through normal listening, but I’d say it took me about three months before things sounded normal again.

On the upside, I feel like I’m hearing music much more transparently now. The brain has an amazing ability to adapt to these things!

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