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BoneBridge and Tinnitus


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Hi people!


I´m new on the forum. I am candidate for the Bonebridge, but I am still thinking about it.

I have had some surgeries since I was young and I don´t mind being deaf of my left ear... because I can´t hear by my left ear since I was 6 yo.


Now, some terrible sounds appeared... tinnitus... Frown after 25 years!!


Is there anyone with deafness and tinnitus using bonebridge?


Have you improved your quality of life with the bonebridge?



Thanks in advance!

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Arthur, First let me welcome you to hearpeers. There is a great group of folks with bonebridge that should be able to offer some valuable information and suprort. I have 2 CI's so i cant really comment on Bone bridge. I do have tinnitus though. I have had it for years. there are a number of things you can do to try and lesson the effects. I know caffeine can make it worse. Let your audi know that you are dealing with it and they should be able to help you. Again, Welcome, looking forward to getting to know you.



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