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Rondo 2


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My son had his first surgery 11 months a ago, and his second about 5 months ago. We were really excited (as excited as one can be to have to perform surgery on their baby) about the listening options MedEl had to offer (Kanso did not exist yet). We were very much into the idea of a single processor and nothing behind the ear. We later found out that the Rondo unit had some limitations and are solely relying on our Sonnet for both ears as of today.

Im pretty excited because we JUST found out about the launch of the Rondo 2. The news re-ignited my interest all over again although I am not sure how long it will take to get one in the U.S.

Does anyone have any further info on the size and microphone location etc of the latest unit? Not much info out there.

Appreciate your input. Thanks guys!

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