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The difference between water resistance and sounding good when wet

Mary Beth

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Yesterday I was shopping for garden flowers when it started to rain.  I used an umbrella and all was fine until I reached over to read a sign near a plant and a few drops of rainwater dropped down from the canopy and landed right on my left Sonnet.  Things sounded terrible.  I had to remove the Sonnet and dry off the mic area.  So the good news is the Sonnet has a water resistance that lets things like this happen without damaging the processor.  The bad news is that when the Sonnet/Sonnet2 mic area gets wet, things sound terrible.

It’s important I think for parents of young CI users to realize this.  For me, if my young child with a CI was going to get the processor a bit wet I would be sure to place it in waterwear first so not only will it be safe but things will continue to sound good.  My experience with waterwear is with Rondo processors and I am amazed at how great things sound with Rondos in waterwear covers.

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