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OTOPLAN video shows how electrodes are selected

Mary Beth

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Thanks - perfect timing!  I just went in for my post-op CT last night.  My Audi wants to have a Med-El rep with her for the new MAP session using Anatomy Based Fitting, ABF, so it may be a scheduling challenge and take a while. 

This video was for the electrode selection and pre-dates the introduction of the 34 mm electrode but very interesting.  Looking forward to seeing the followup video in the series on ABF.

I faintly remember doing some crude 3D image reconstruction programming over 30 years ago.  I'm impressed with the user interface for such a complicated and precise analysis of the CT. 

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It is quite wild to see a 3-D reconstruction of our own cochleas with the electrode array inserted.  Amazing advancements in technology.  Fascinating stuff.  

Wishing you the best on your ABF experience and looking forward to reading your report.

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I am definitely interested to see a follow up video explaining the use of the tool for anatomy-based fitting.

My hospital seems hesitant to use OTOPLAN for the mapping of an implant that was inserted without the use of the tool. I will have a CT scan taken regardlessly, as one was never taken after the last surgery - the activation was kinda done blindly, assuming that the array is still somewhere in the cochlea and didn't go for a walk this time. Somehow they seem to be quite concerned about the adjustment required for the new map after a major change.

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