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Finding something that helps- Loss due to head trauma


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Hello, I am RIe from Cottonwood, Arizona, USA.

I was in an accident and suffered a TBI. I lost teeth and a lot of (but not all of) my hearing on that day - 75% loss.

I have dual hearing aids, but they aren't a lot of help really. I find it hard to watch television because I have to have it so loud, and with tone deafness (low tones) I can't hear men very well.

I do not know if bone conduction headphones might work or not - I have regular headphones and they do not make any (I have been through several pairs) for hearing loss. I suppose people would sue the company if they made LOUD ones and they got damaged hearing because of that. But that is no help for those of us who do not hear well. I am on a mission to learn! :)

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Welcome Rie! Did your audiologist test your hearing loss for a bone conductive loss? If they did the results of that test should help you determine if BC headphone would be helpful for you. 

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In the world of hearing loss, bone conduction headphones are cheap and easy to try.  I bought a pair of Shokz before my CI was approved by insurance and I just passed it along after surgery.  I liked it and gave demos to others with hearing loss that bought their own pairs too.

If you are interested in BC, you could give it a try with Shokz or cheap knock offs from Amazon.  

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