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pity, this forum doesn't seem to be very active.. are there any active CI forums for users?


had surgery early april, activated last week, have the new Rondo, one of the first in the country so it seems!


definitely needs an adjustment but have to wait for my next appt, my audiologist went on vacation this week!!! my luck, I know exactly what I need but cant do anything about it until then, oh well...  :)


for anyone listening from medel, I can give you first feedback - it falls off too easily!!

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Hello Robin,


Congratulations on your CI and on being one of the first to get a Rondo.  There is another thread (with a lot of posts on it!) about the Rondos; you should search for it.


I agree that this site is relatively quiet, but it's definitely worth checking daily.

The other site I visit is sponsored by a different company, so most posters are users of that company, but it's still about implants for hearing impairment, and mostly about cochlear implants.  The site is called Hearing Journey, if you want to visit it.


As you can see by my 'signature', I am awaiting unilateral CI surgery on 6/28/13 and it's funny, but I told my audi, "Don't even think about taking vacation in late July/early August!"  She laughed and said she wasn't planning it.


What made you choose MedEl?  I gather they put more  money into R & D and less into marketing and their customer service is supposed to be very good.  I love that MedEl offers the longest electrode 'tail' and like the idea of Rondo.  I believe I've read that the strength of the Rondo's magnet can be changed, but I'm not sure about that.


Were you given a conventional BTE processor as well?



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  • HearPeers Heroes


congratulations and welcome to hearpeers. Hearpeers is slowly gaining legs and seems to be growing. It is not quite as active as some of the other more established forums. the only way to help change that is to check in periodically. Even though you are new to the cochlear implant community and I'm sure have a bunch of questions, your hearing journey is a unique one in that we all have come to this point traveling a slightly different road. I know you have much to offer in sharing your hearing journey as well as learning about your medel implant.

As lisa said, i believe there are different magnet strengths for the Rondo as well. There also is a thread about the rondo with MANY posts and a few reviews on it.

If you are on facebook there are a number of groiups to join that are very active. there is also a yahoo group which also is very active but dedicated to medel implants specifically.



The facebook groups are

Cochlear implant users

Cochlear implant experiences

Cochlear implant rehabilitation


This is a thread that has some good info for ya



Hope this helps



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Adam do you belong to the yahoo group? or do you mostly talk on this forum?  I find it hard enough keeping up with different forums but would consider it if you felt they offered something not on this forum.



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  • HearPeers Heroes


I mainly keep up with 2. The Medel yahoo group and this one. I will check out the others on occasion but for medel specific, I check these 2.


If you have a bunch of questions which I imagine you do. At least I did, you will learn an awful lot.



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  • HearPeers Heroes

Hi Robin,

I have had the Rondo for the last two weeks and absolutely love it.

Voices are clear and I am hearing sounds I've never heard before. It is still robotic

and tinny but its only been two weeks. There are 3 magnets and I have found number three is

best. I haven't had too many problems with it falling off and when it does, the clip prevents it from

falling on the floor. I go back for my next mapping at the end of this month. I have been at a convention this week

and it was amazing what I could hear. Today I went to the casino and could not believe how loud it was! Keep us informed of your progress. I also was one of the first to get the Rondo in Ontario.

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Hi Robin!


Who's your audiologist?  Is he/she at Carolina Ear & Hearing Clinic in Raleigh?


I just got activated last Wednesday and re-checked on Thursday.

I am using 4 programs right now, but, just adjusting volume.  I have to constantly ask my wife, who hears very well, if certain things I hear are loud, low or normal.  Then I adjust my volume to when I can understand it and it is at a comfortable volume for me.  I'll get more tweaking on the 23rd.


Just be patient and give yourself time to adjust.



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Hi Robin, MedEl also has a very good Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/medel.hearlife?fref=ts Don gave some good advice in that you need to have multiple programs at first to learn what works and what doesn't.  Your FineTuner supports 4 different maps for each side and you can adjust both the volume and the sensitivity. You will find that this forum is chock full of helpful information to help you on your journey.  My RONDO fell off with a magnet strength of 2, so I went to 3 and it stays fully anchored.  Check the number of dots on your magnet.  I am guessing that it is on 1 or 2. There are instructions on how to change the magnet in your Owner's Manual on pp 14-15. Since you are newly activated you might be overwhelmed with new sounds.  it is amazing what you will hear as Mickey and Minnie Mouse voices go away to be replaced by real voices.  You can browse the forum topics and learn much about your new RONDO, etc.  Don't be afraid to ask questions as your fellow forum members are here to help! John

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My son is wearing the strong magnet for the Rondo, which is shown with 3 dots. The magnet strength will go as high as 4. You want to be careful when selecting the strength of the magnet. You don't want to jeopardize the skin integrity underneath the processor. We started off with the standard strength (2 dots) but it fell of several times a day. We then progressed to level 3, but I would check it multiple times a day. Look for any redness or irritation. Make sure to remove it at night in order to give the skin underneath a break. Also, if you are unsure or uncomfortable changing the magnet, ask your audiologist to adjust if for you.

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I'll follow that advice, Patrice, when I get mine.


John, thanks for the Facebook link; I just joined.

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Hi Robin, congrats on how well you are doing and your desire to be in touch and learn more! I've had the RONDO since Feb. 1st and have been VERY pleased with it. After one week of using the standard magnet power of 2 I started feeling an "irritation" so I had to move down to the lightest magnet strength of 1. Even then I've only I had it fall off when I foolishly tried to pull a shirt over my head while wearing it, and one other time when I was donating platelets because I was laying on a table and turned me head against a pillow and it fell off. Now I don't pull shirts over my head when I'm wearing the RONDO and I wear my Opus 2 when I donate platelets ;-)

While I'm not crazy about the hair clip, I use it and I'm thankful for it.

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