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MedEl AudioStream battery cover breaks after some time. Has anyone else encountered this issue?


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Sorry if this post is in the wrong category.

I have an AudioStream cover that has started to crack at the top after about a year of use. It is my second AudioStream due to the first one also going to go through warranty for the same issue. Whenever I stream music now, I hear static along with the music that is playing which hasn't happened before. I don't wear headphones or anything that could cause pressure for the cover to crack. I've already sent an email to customer service regarding the issue but would like to know if this has happened to anyone else before.


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I haven't had AudioStream crack, but perhaps the static is a separate issue? I've encountered it once and taking a computer duster and giving the AudioStream a good blow solved it. On the other hand, if the crack is severe enough that there are contact issues, that could cause static too.

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