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Rondo 3 holder for aircharger - keeps it in position while charging


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Hey everyone, inspired by the thread about the loading aborts and the solution to keep the Rondo in position hiere:


... I made my own little solution. I shared the model on Thingiverse - if you like, you can print it yourself or use a 3D printing service near you. 

Find it here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:6186121

Printing Time: about 1h. Estimated printing costs: 10 Cent material (PLA) + < 5 Cent power.






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@matzze2000 Love your design. I would like to print this for my daughter but cannot access the link. Could you please help to check?

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@TuanTran Looks like thingiverse didnt publish the thing. I published it and now the link should be working fine.

39 minutes ago, TuanTran said:

cannot access the link

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Absolutely fantastic. Thanks so much. Had a local 3d printer company print me two, cost me less than two coffees from Starbucks and it works perfectly. Such peace of mind!

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I would love to give it a try but we have a different charger in India. Although I am not facing much issue with charging either like others, my rubber band just do the job fantastically.

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