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Sonnet mic cover missing filters

Mary Beth

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Ever since you told us about a mic cover you received not having its two little filters in place, I have checked mine every time I order them.  Today I received a mic cover that is missing both of its little filters.  They are not even loose in the bag.  I am sure Med El will replace it quickly but want to remind everyone to check new mic covers to be sure the two little filters are in place before switching them out.

On light colored mic covers they are easy to see.  Just look at the underside of the mic cover.  On anthracite mic covers, like I have, it is not as easy to tell.  Tonight I switched on my iPhone’s flashlight and held the mic covers over it.  So much easier to see if they are in place.

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Thanks for the heads up.  I have some ordered so I will make sure to check.  Where are these made and assembled, by the way?

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