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Range of Your Audiostream - Max Frustration


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It has been a couple of years since I tried to hook Audiostream to my bilateral Sonnet 2 processors. I had hoped there would be some improvement in the ease of pairing and the range (distance from phone to Audiostream). I tried again today completely from scratch. I am able to get the left Audiostream working but not the right. BUT even with just the left working, the range is so short as to be useless. I cannot even move the phone even to my pocket without the audio breaking up or stopping completely. If I put the phone on the table in front of me it works OK but as soon as I move a few feet away, it disconnects. I had these exact issues a couple of years back and nothing appears to have changed. Yes, I did update the left side Audiostream and my Samsung S22 is on the compatible list. I am completely shocked that in this day and age that the BT here does not work properly - it is a mature technology and I see no reason why this continues to be an issue.

What is your range like? Can you pocket the phone and still hear clean music?

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After the firmware update of AudioStream through the AudioKey2 app, I was able to stream fine in my pants pocket INSIDE.  

Outdoors I needed the AudioStream to be much closer to the processors to stream well.

However it took repeated forget this device and reconfigure etc before I was able to establish a solid AudioStream connection even though it said success many times earlier.

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Hi Mary Beth! Thanks for your feedback - I really appreciate it. I guess I am completely frustrated that despite enjoying the many benefits of Medel's implants, I will not be able to use a key feature in real world situations for the foreseeable future. It's not like Bluetooth is a new technology. I guess I will try again in a few years!!

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@staggerwing17 I use audiostream with SONNET 2 and I love it. I use the iPhone 14 to pair it. But, I agree with the range of audiostream.

I don’t understand why AirPods for hearing ppl, something so small works great for them.

Anyways, the range is something that could be so much better. When my phone is next to me at my desk and not moved at all, it is perfectly fine. I could go maybe 4 feet away and not have any issues as long as the phone has not moved. Yet when I’m sitting right next to it, sometimes it will start breaking up. It seems to only happen here and there. But I do experience it on a weekly basis when I am working on my laptop. I wear audiostream every day (I’ve never worn the regular cover bc of it), I listen to music 24/7 lol. 

When I’m walking outside like in the city on the street, it seems that if my iPhone is in my Jean pocket or jacket pocket, it will work fine. But if I’m holding my phone in my hand and moving my arm as I walk, then it starts breaking my up which is SO annoying.

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