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Raj lohu

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raj from india. i am parent of  six year old, MEDEL cochlear recipient girl ( opus1 sound processor with sonata std electrode array).

her implant age is about 3 years, 2 months.

thanks for MEDEL and India, Chennai, MERF cochlear implant surgery and MERF & HAC rehabilitation team.

now she talks well  to her age appropriate after surgery and HAC rehabilitation

its very difficult for a parent to reach MEDEL team in India regarding its spares, warranty, and feedback quires.

i feel many people in South India ( ie Chennai based) are recipients of  of MEDEL OPUS 1.

now OPUS 1 had been upgraded to OPUS 2...... namely 2 years back in India. here its difficult to reach for opus 1 spares, also i had inquired about RONDO 2 in india.  .

I feel MEDEL has to reach in person with MEDEL COCHLEAR RECIPIENTS in INDIA (in particular chennai based recipients)

It took me 2 years to write to MEDEL... thanks for listening me.

Contact details :  mobile 91 - 99524 - 24280 or mail me @   er.raaj@gmail.com

With regards ,


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