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Five Week Old - Failed ABR in both ears


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My five week old baby just had a full ABR test, we go Monday for some final testing and results. The audiologist said she believes the infant has profound permanent hearing loss in both ears. 

While my son does not yet startle to loud sounds, I do feel he sometimes responds to sound. Looking at the person talking, calming when I talk to them and such. He isn't super obvious but I am not convinced he's fully deaf. 

Is it possible this test could be wrong? Is five weeks early for something like this? Can hearing sometimes develop in the first few months? 


Just a new mom who is looking for some advice for anyone here who might have a glimmer of hope for me. Early days still but I'm looking for something to hold onto. 

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congratulations on your new baby.  I am wishing him the very best.

Learning that your baby may have a profound hearing loss leads to lots of questions.

As a bilateral CI user and as a Teacher of the Deaf I can tell you that life can be wonderful with cochlear implants.

My recommendation is for you to ask all of your questions to your CI team.  I am not sure which country you reside in, but if you are in the US follow this link to connect with your regional Med-El rep.  She/he will be able to provide you with lots of information and also connect you with other parents of children with cochlear implants.



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