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Success: Zooming with Sonnet2/bimodal: Here's how to do it


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It works great and thanks to @Mary Beth for the guidance.  I can successfully participate in Zoom calls with my Sonnet2 and my Widex hearing aid and the reception is much better than using Rondo 3. Here's how you do it:

1. Make sure you're using the Airstream cover (mine's on my left ear)

2. Pair Artone Max 3 to your PC.

3. Put Fine Tuner Echo remote in MT function.

4. Adjust Zoom audio settings to test audio 

4. My Widex Momentum H/A in my right ear doesn't have telecoil, but the accessory "Widex Assist" does.

5. Widex Assist accessory connects to Artone so I can hear in my right (hearing aid) ear.

6. Result: I can hear my Zoom participants out of both ears and they can hear me via the mic on the tuner or the Artone.

Happy to help anyone who needs assistance doing this.


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  • Joel changed the title to Success: Zooming with Sonnet2/bimodal: Here's how to do it

Joel - Thank you for your description of a fix  for Zoom calls. I've got you same situation, except I am using a Costco Resound Preza H/A in my left ear. It doesn't have a T-Coil either. The Artone Max3 hasn't helped me yet, but using Bose QC45 headphones with the Sonnet 2 and my H/A works well. I'll try your method next week.



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