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Table mics for meetings. A Phonak product sold through audiologists.


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I am considering this technology for use at a meeting of 10 people at a rectangular table. 

I have a Sonnet 2, and a hearing aid.  I also use my Rondo 3 occasionally.

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check the Phonak Roger configuration online to find out which Phonak receivers work with your specific make/model of hearing aid unless you plan on using the neckloop Roger receiver if your hearing aid has telecoil and your audiologist turned it on.  Sonnet 2 can use the neckloop Roger receiver with Sonnet2 turned onto MT setting via its remote or app.  Another option for the Sonnet 2 is a Roger receiver built into a battery cover for Sonnet called Roger 21 receiver.

Oftentimes Roger equipment can be found second hand online.  Just be sure it is indeed Roger equipment and not older Phonak technology and that the seller is reputable.


Connevans in the UK carries all of the above and ships internationally.  They have been the lowest price I have found for new Roger equipment.

Check around and look at all your options as this technology is not cheap.

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