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Going to the beach to swim/surf by myself


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Hello everyone,

I have wanted to learn how to surf since I moved to SoCal recently, but I do not know where to leave my cochlear implants. If I leave it in my car, heat damage can cause my external processors to stop working. If I leave it in my towel on the beach, it could be stolen.

I was thinking that I would use my backup, old-generation processors to drive to the beach so that I could listen to music in the car. Once I arrived, I could leave my old CI in an insulated lunchpale in my locked car. The lunch pale would have a freezer gel insert and my CI would be wrapped in a cloth to protect it from a cold gel insert.

Would this be a good idea? Does anyone have suggestions? 

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  • HearPeers Heroes

I use waterwear covers and secure the processors to me in the ocean.

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