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Omni mic setting Q & A

Mary Beth

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You had wanted to discuss omni mic setting.  What questions do you have?

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This terminology was new to me and has never been mentioned by my audiologist. I plan to ask her about this after I've learned all I can. This and other technologies I hear mentioned have never been discussed with me so I sometimes feel I'm not getting the best most knowledgeable service.

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@Michael 66


Previous generations of Med-El processors all use omni mic setting always.

Rondo 2


Rondo 1


When Med-El introduced processors with two microphones and got approval for ASM 2 and then ASM 3 in each country, other mic settings became available all with the aim of making it easier to understand speech in noise.  This is a common feature of hearing aids as well.  And although each brand approaches it differently and calls it something unique, they all handle it by dampening sounds that are deemed not speech or not the speech we are listening to in front of us.

Med-El calls the mic settings

NATURAL - focuses in front of us

ADAPTIVE - think of it like a spotlight that zooms in on speech in front and a bit to our sides while greatly dampening sounds from behind

OMNI - equal access to sounds from all directions with no dampening

The Sonnet 1 generation of processors uses these three mic settings.  Sonnet 1 also introduced wind block setting of mild/strong/off.


Then the next generation of processors were released (Sonnet 2 and Rondo 3) with a faster computer chip and more features were added.  The features of ambient noise reduction and transient noise reduction were added with the option to set them at mild/strong/off.  And the mic settings called adaptive intelligence mild and adaptive intelligence strong were added which automatically change mic settings and these other features based on the sound environment.  We posted pics of how each one handles these features based on the sound environment.


So there are a lot of choices when audiologists create our programs/MAPs.

Personally I like omni mic setting with all other features turned off (wind block…) because I like access to sound from all around me and I do not want any sounds dampened.  This really helps me with music.

Other users have different preferences.

In my opinion all adult users should be given one program in omni mic setting to try- especially for music.  It is important that this program is listened to while at the audiologist appt to ensure that nothing is too loud.


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Thank you for all of your wonderful information.

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