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Emergency At Night


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Hi! I am a bilateral Rondo 3 Cochlear Implant Recipient. At night, prior to going to bed, I remove my processors and place them on the charging tablet. So, for the entire night, 9:00pm to 7:00am I am deaf, oblivious to what is happening around me.

My partner and I are becoming concerned regarding our health.  Her question is, “how do I make you aware of an emergency if you cannot hear?” She worries, as do I. So, I come to this community seeking answers. You all have always been here for me and I am so grateful. 

so, the question is, how does a hearing person alert a deaf person to an emergency?


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I use a FitBit Inspire 2 and have it set up to alert me to some notifications- including texts and phone calls.  iPhones also allow us to turn on sound recognition and select sounds we wish to be alerted to.  Those can also be sent to the fit bit Inspire.  It vibrates on my wrist when a notification comes through and also displays the notification.

Others use Apple Watches.


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