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Sonnet/Sonnet2 mic cover experiences

Mary Beth

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I change my mic covers every 2 months because before I hit 3 months I notice a degradation of audio quality- especially for high frequencies.  This probably has me going through more mic covers than most users.

This week I changed the mic covers on schedule and something odd happened.

One processor sounded muted a bit with the new mic cover.  It baffled me and I changed batteries, turned off and restarted the processor but still it was more muted.  So today I changed that mic cover even though I just did that 2 days ago.  And now it sounds fine.

So something must’ve been wrong with the new mic cover I had just put on but when looking at it- all looks fine.  No cracks.  The filters are in place.

Just sharing in case this happens to others.

Sometimes a new mic cover may have issues it seems.

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