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Hello people, A while ago I reported about my hearing loss and that I have gone from mildly hearing impaired to severely hearing impaired. This has caused me a lot of sadness and pain and I have suffered a lot from it, even attempting suicide. Following this situation, I promised my family that I would be open to a possible implantation. Many tests have been carried out in recent weeks and both the doctor and the audiologist have responded positively that I am a candidate for an implant. Unfortunately, they can't do anything about my left ear, which has been completely deaf since I was 2 years old due to meningitis. The entire team is aware of my depression and suicide attempt. Since my left ear is completely deaf, I face the tough challenge of hearing nothing for four weeks after surgery. So they want me to be mentally prepared before the surgery takes place. The operation is expected sometime in September. I am cautiously optimistic, because I know that an implant will not help much and for me it remains to be seen how everything will go. However, I have told the entire medical team and my family that if no progress has been made within 6 months of implantation, and if I am still struggling then I would like to opt for euthanasia. Fortunately, I have support from the medical team and family. So it depends on the implant whether it will turn out well and also up to me whether I can handle it mentally. Let's hope for the best.

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I am hoping for the best for you @Amb

Think about getting comfortable using speech to text options now so that you can read what others are saying between surgery and activation 

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Wishing you the best outcome from your team.  I agree with Mary Beth and encourage you to use the technology available to stay in communication with family and loved ones.

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