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How to handle audio handoff when paired device not nearby?


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I‘m using the iOS audio handoff to quickly switch the AudioStream connection between my iPhone and iPad. Especially the April 2024 update improved the feature, making it faster and more reliable.
However I can not figure out how I am supposed to connect the AudioStreams back to iPhone when I connected them to iPad before leaving the house. Sometimes I simply forget to do the handoff to iPhone before leaving. 

There must be a better way to solve this problem than resetting and/or reconfiguring both AudioStreams using the app, right? Because this often takes 30 minutes or longer, depending on where you are and how the AudioStreams are feeling today.

Using a VPN on iPhone which connects to the home network of the iPad did not help. Restarting the Sonnets also did not change anything.

In the attached screenshots you can see how AudioStream is displayed in the iOS settings when it was connected to iPad last time and iPad isn’t nearby to do the handoff. 



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I had forgotten to do that recently, Tuesday. I’d been using my iPad Monday night and had a hard time getting it to pair. The culprit turned out to be my car as my phone/car connection was prioritizing that over other connections. Once I shut my car off it worked though. 

Not sure what your specifics are but you can reach out to your local/regional Med-El contact if you need assistance troubleshooting. 

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