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With summer in full swing (even though we got snow two days in a row suddenly 👎) figured it might be good to revamp the old “flying with CIs” topic. 

This was my first time flying domestically to another state in the US. Other flights were all in-state and just short little puddle jumps. 

Had no issue at security and never even mentioned my implants (CIs or otherwise). 

Im still not doing well hearing in noisy environments (can’t filter anything out yet) so struggled up until seated on the plane. For the first time ever I was able to clearly hear the attendant and became the translator for my mother for a change. I relayed the meal and drink options to her and we picked what we wanted. 

For streaming, I had selected to bring the DAI covers and cables and used the 90/10 with the Sonnet 2. I had the 50/50 mix just in case I wanted to switch. As Apple did away with the audio jack I had to get two 3.5mm dongles (one lightning and one USB-C) as my phone and tablet have different plug ins. It worked perfectly and I was able to watch stuff on my iPad and being able to cut out 90% of the distractions and never once was worried about audio connection dropping.

I’d went with the DAI cables to

1) conserve battery (a little)

2) not worry about AudioStream connection options, and 

3) to avoid the phone vs tablet connection fight

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Sounds good @Lauren

I use BOSE QC35 around the ear headphones when flying which work great with Sonnet/Sonnet2.  

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