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Using AudioKey2 with two processors


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I have a Rhondo 3 and Sonnet 2 both for my right ear. How do I use AudioKey2 for both?

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Assuming both are already paired to your phone:

  • In Audiokey 2, when you are looking at your processor (Rondo3 or Sonnet 2), click on the menu bar in upper left corner.
  • Select your profile (probably your name) from the pull down list.  It will be the first item under the pull down list in any case.
  • Then using the the triple dot menu in the upper right corner
  • Select "Switch Audio Processor"
  • Select the other device.

This all assumes you have both processors already paired to your phone/audiokey 2/profile. If not, here is a video. 

Also, since you are in the US, you could schedule a 1:1 with Med-El.

Would be nice if they changed the user interface to require fewer steps to switch processors.


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