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Layers of sound

Mary Beth

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I have been listening with cochlear implants for 9 years already and they continue to amaze me.  The complexity of layered sounds- all blended into one beautiful composition yet still containing each individual distinct sound.  Amazing.  Today it was the sounds of waves crashing on rocks, seals & sea lions barking from a pier to the right and the soft sound of comorants flapping their wings while flying just above the ocean’s surface right in front of me.  A most beautiful composition.  Thanks to my amazing CI audiologist at New York Eye & Ear and Med-El.


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I hope to get there someday. The fact that I recently attended a medium sized conference and it wasn’t totally awful bodes well. I even bumped into an attendee’s plus one that had a Rondo (either 2 or 3) on one side. 

All made possible by Med-El’s dedication to implants, processors, and ongoing research as well as my local surgeon and CI clinic. 

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