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Advantage for loud concert


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I had a new but positive experience this weekend with my CI.

I was performing with a large chorus and a symphony orchestra on stage at a concert hall.  Generally this is an amazing experience and my CI allows me to hear absolutely everything in vivid detail.

But for this concert we also had a bagpipes band joining us and they were positioned throughout the chorus area very close. The conductor gave out earplugs! My first thought was, that's useless for me, I'll be stuck with bagpipes ringing in my processor. My second thought was, I don't need earplugs anyway! I just popped off the magnet and let it hang (sonnet 1). The sound was then nicely dull.

Then I realised I had an actual advantage compared to my peers. The bagpipes came on stage 4 times and the choristers kept having to fuss with their earplugs in and out. But I just popped my magnet off and on, it was so much easier. 

That's my wow moment this weekend - yay for hearing technology letting me also not hear when I want :)


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