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Bluetooth Neckloop CLS- Quattro


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First let me say that I do read a lot of the post; however, I can not find or open the ones on the index. What is up with that?  I really enjoy reading the post.  I got a real laugh about the spouses.  It really hit home.

On several of your recommendations, I did purchase two Ear Gears; one for my Resound Alera 62 in the ear speaker and one for my Med El Opus.  The protectors work great.Smile Thanks.

When I ask about hearing on the phone, John recommended the Bluetooth Neckloop CLS-Quattro.  While at my audilogist for my Alera tune up, he turned on the T coil in that hearing aide.  I have a bluetooth for my Alera but I want to hear in both ears.  How does the Quattro work?  When I get a call, I hit the T on the remote to hear in the Opus and turn on the T coil in my hearing aide?  What does the MT button do?  Does it allow you to hear both the phone and people around you?  Once you are finished, do you hit the return button to restore hearing? Maybe this just comes with trail and error!Frown Will the Quattro work with music without the dongle? The more I know, the more I know I don't know.

Yes, I could benefit greatly from a learning class.  Here in Tennessee, I don't understand why a hospital as big as Vanderbilt does not offer such a class.  I am certain many users would attend.Undecided Just a little confused!

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Hello John!


I live in Long Beach, CA but will always call Alabama my Sweet Home so it's good to see a post from a fellow Southerner ;-)  Also, I have one CI and one Alera 562 so we share those in common.


I'll try to answer a few things from my experience, but I know others will offer much more ;-)  And, I totally get "the more I know the more I don't know," but with trial and error that will pass - promise!


I don't know about the index thing...sorry, I'm still a bit of a novice with HearPeers.


I use the Quattro a lot.  I use to use it for my iPhone when I was first activated, but now (almost 3 years later), I just hold the phone up to my Opus 2 or RONDO.  I now use the Quattro for the TV, but the process for using the T-coil is the same.  In order to use the Quattro with the TV, you have to connect a Q-Link (made by ClearSounds which manufactures the Quattro) to the audio out on your TV, then you pair the Q-Link with your Quattro (which you wear like a necklace).  Then you click your aid to T-coil and your MED-EL remote MT (Microphone AND T-coil) or T (T-coil only).  If you press MT, you will hear via the T-coil and via the microphone.  This means you can hear the TV and someone who is in the room.  If you press T, you will only hear via the T-coil. T is especially helpful if you are trying to talk on the phone in a busy place.  The only caveat is when you are on T only, you won't hear your own voice.


Please know ClearSounds (www.clearsounds.com) has recently introduced a new Quattro 4.0 which will be available in September (so I'm told).  I'm sure it will cost more than the Quattro VI, but has far better features.  Just FYI...



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  • HearPeers Heroes

John, WELCOME to hearpeers!!!

The index: In upper left hand corner of screen just under your photo with icon HOME and under that LOGOUT are a series of symbals. click the one to the far right that will say forums when you drag your arrow to it. left click on your mouse, when page refreshes, you will see the top 10 most recent comments on the left side and on the right side you will see all of the forum topics. Lets say you want to see whats goin on in current events click on current events.  all posts under current events will come up. any posts that are new since you visited last will have a green plus sign next to the topic.

I will answer what I can as I do not have a quattro

1st, as far as the t coil goes you are correct. looking at the remote, if you have 2  CI processors you can touch the button with two arrows on it. If you only have one CI just that arrow. Lets say you have a CI on the left. click the arrow on the lower left hand of your remote. If you want to hear the phone only the next button to press is T. This will turn on the telecoil only and turn off the microphone to your processor. if you want to hear on the phone but also what is around you, touch the MT button. This keeps the microphone on plus activates the telecoil. once you are done watching tv or talking on the phone. touch the M button which will turn the microphone back on.


There is a class that Jeff Campagna hosts. He works for Medel and is a CI recipient. The class is called hands on hearing. It is an amazing workshop that goes over in detail all of the assitive listening device options that are out there.

Here is the website address. you can check where the nearest workshop is to you. if there is not one near you, make sure you visit the webpage and suggest one in your area.  http://www.handsonhearing.com/

I hope this helps. looking forward to getting to know you.

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Yes, this really did help.  While I was reading some different post, I found a link to a utube site that has a lot of good instructions for Med El users.Smile You guys and gals are really helpful and supportive.  It has been 10 months and the implant just keeps getting better and better.

Thank you for all the help.

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John - Jeff Campagna has several videos on You Tube which you will find helpful.


Adam - your info on index, etc. was very helpful!  Thank you!!

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