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Dave in Pittsburgh

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I will be getting the Roger Pen and Receiver in March when I get mt bilateral implant I am guessing that I will no longer use Quattro?

Has anyone had problems with the case on Quattro  cracking  I noticed I have 2 cracks in mine the case has never been dropped also it does not turn on?



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When you get your second CI and opt for the Roger Pen and Roger 21 receiver, you will be able to use that instead of the Quattro 4 but it will only deliver sound to the one side that has the receiver attached.  If you want to hear in both sides, you will need a second Roger 21 receiver.  People have said that Med-El USA is not selling extra Roger 21 receivers to us and so they have either purchased them from their audiologists or on-line like from Connevans in the UK who ships internationally.


The Roger Pen is BlueTooth ONLY for phone calls.  When streaming music etc from your phone you will need to attach your Roger Pen to the phone via a short cable.  It will also mix at 50/50 sound source/Sonnet mics.  You cannot get 100/0 mix with Roger Pen and Sonnets.


For these reasons, some people with the Roger Pen still opt to use BT neckloops when streaming music, audiobooks, etc. since you do not need to use a cable...just wear the neckloop.  And this method allows us to get a 100/0 mix by opting for T via the Fine Tuner.


I am a huge fan of 100/0 mix ratio since when I am listening to music, audiobooks, podcasts, etc I do not want to hear the noise from the room.  For this reason, I prefer the BT neckloops.  My favorite one is the Artone 3 MAX.


I had two Quattro 4 neckloops and donated them to other users.  Artone sounds and works much better for me.


Another member here has posted about cracks in his Quattro 4 too.  Maybe it will come up if you search for it.


Wishing you the best in March!  Being bilateral is awesome.

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